Sunday, June 15, 2008

Follow That Naked...What?

So one might ask where we got the title for our travel blog. Of course, it was the source of Scott's wit who remembers every movie and music reference ever. He is like an encyclopedia.

Scott and I are both excited to see the desert as have never seen one before. In fact, I am conviced that deserts only exists in movies. This trip may prove me wrong.

So in The Doors movie when they are out in the desert Jim Morrison sees an inidan and follows him through caves and such. Scott correct me if I am wrong but Jim thinks this is the same indian that he saw die when he was a child on a road trip through the desert with his parents. The indian is clothed most of the time but at some point in the movie Jim sees him walking through his apartment in a loin cloth and follows him.

So there you go: We will be looking for naked indians in the desert.

Here is one seen with the Jim and the indian.

Wayne's World II also has a similar scene (Scott's knowledge again), though the only version I could find is in french. ;)

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ladybird said...

Scott here (forgive the fact it says "Ladybird" when I post. I'm using Andy's login). I think the "naked" indian is a different one. He's like the messenger for the old one that you see in the cave, which is the embodiment of the soul that lept into Jim as a child.