Friday, June 13, 2008


So, on or around July 13th, 2008 Andy and Scott will travel from Atlanta, GA to Palo Alto, CA (a southern suburb of San Francisco).

Andy is starting a new job there as a Travel Nurse. Scott is coming along for the ride. Andy is very greatful to have a travel companion that knows how to drive a manual transmission.

Oscar and Oliver (two boston terriers) are also coming along for the ride. This blog document our plans and trip. Advice and suggestions welcomed! We are just mapping out the plans now.

Scott will return by plane in late July. Andy will be in ole Cali until at least October.

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Hutch said...

Sounds very exciting! I've been to the bay area but never Palo Alto, and I've never driven. I bet it will be amazing! I hope you return to Atlanta eventually!