Friday, June 20, 2008

Friends along the way....


So I am not the only one who has left ole Georgia for the West. Rockstar Jenny (of Charmschool and the Eyes) has just moved to Flagstaff. Flagstaff is really near our tentative route, so maybe we will have to catch a drink and dinner with her. She likes it out there.

Now I am wondering if there are other friends along the way that I am forgetting.....

Danny is in Dallas but we are not going that far south. Kenny is in orange county I think (again much further south than we are going). Anyone else?

I am planning, packing, freaking out. When you take a job with the federal government (even on a temp basis) as I am you have to fill out so much information for background checks to get your security clearance. It is like the bible: You have to re-produce you whole history of who begot who.... and who begot who.... I think they are calling like 8 of my friends to make sure I am an upstanding citizen.

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