Friday, June 13, 2008

Tentative Route

Here is our tentative route (in progress).

Been out there? Suggestion?


Anonymous said...

Does Route 66 still exist?

ladybird said...

apparently parts of it exist here and there. I am not sure what that means exactly but we plan to find at least a piece of it.

Hutch said...

Good idea to hit memphis - or so it appears. Good soul town!

Curt said...

You will be on what was Route 66 for the second half, until you go north in CA and 66 continues to LA. I know Albuequrque is on it (you will see lots of propoganda kitsch for sale there), and I'm sure Armarillo is too.

I'm bummed you're not farther south. Probably the greatest single road trip destination in the USA is Marfa, TX. In the Seventies, most of the town was bought up by this sculptor named Donald Judd. It was a lot of run-down unused Military barracks then. He converted it all into a Modern Art installation that'll blow your mind. The aluminum boxes in the old airplane hangar was the breaking point for my brain. click on Visit and then Collection. The picture that comes up for Doanld Judd is a small section of that Airplane Hangar.

As far as your published route, all I can recommend is food stops. Sushi Neko in OKC (I had Manahattanites tell me it's some of the best sushi they've ever had), and The Frontier in Albuquerque (Awesomely Filthy late-nite TexMex- Kinda like the Varsity of the town, only drunker) If I think of More, I'll post.