Monday, July 14, 2008

Ahh, road stories. There are so many. Where to begin? How about here: Yes, we drove across the Mississippi River three times. The first time we were already on the bridge before I realized what we were going over, and we couldn't see the river from it anyway, so we had to return to the east side and find a place see the river properly. Yes, I was super excited, 'cause the river marked the farthest I had been west to that point! 

Here's our next tale: We got hassled by Halliburton! We came upon a convoy of  trucks hauling hauling some strange, large industrial equipment on I-40. Coming closer, we discovered they were Halliburton trucks. I told Andy to take a pic of the door of the truck, because you just don't see a truck from such a controversial headlining company everyday, do you? (at least not in Ga.) So she took the pic as we passed, then the truck honked it's horn a minute later. Then it got weird...some other Halliburton trucks ahead in the convoy pulled beside each other and started slowing down to about 50 miles an hour (this is on a 70 mph interstate), backing up all the traffic on the highway, boxing us in, for what seemed like 5 minutes! They eventually dispersed,but it was strange. 

We also visited the site of the Oklahoma City bombing. 

Quite sobering. All these chairs in this pic represent a person lost in the tragedy.

There was also a reflecting pool placed between two large obelisks that represent the moment before and the moment after the blast.

It wasn't all intrigue and sadness today though. We stopped in Clarksville. No sign of a train station. We spent some time on Garth Brooks Boulevard in Oklahoma, as well as huge windmills. Pics soon (the internet is being cranky).

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