Thursday, July 17, 2008

Noise A Saurus walks on the beach

Noise A Saurus just loves the beach. He has heard many things about it but had never seen it before. Below is a photo of him walking across the beach and another of him being reflective as dusk arrives.

He said he was thinking about how much fun he has had but that he also wishes Nicole were here to share it with him. Maybe she will be able to fly in an airplane and come visit him soon.


Hutch said...

These photos are just fantastic, and the ones of NAS are surreal! Seems the landscape just takes front and center stage once you cross into Texas. So dramatic....maybe that's why the Indians took peyote!

Michael said...

This is my favorite shot man - Noise A Saurus rocks -- I love your blog man. What a great idea, keep it up see you when u return!