Sunday, July 13, 2008

Could I Ever Imagine

The car is loaded. The dogs are ready. I have yet to bath which I assume Scott probably would prefer, since I did not bother to bathe after the party last night. I am ready.... a little scared still but ready to get in the car and DRIVE.

But guys, I could not imagine a better send-off party as last night. I have such amazing, amazing friends. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. I just love you all so much!

Highlights of the night included having three ER nurses have to use their skills on one of our party members and hanging out with the Grady EMS (note photo above ;)

But even more cool -- my dear dear friends made me sob like a baby when they gave me the sweetest heart shaped box with my favorite quote on it "We dont' remember days, we remember moments". AND inside were lots of little slips of paper each with a very special notes of memories that we share.

They did this as a ploy to make sure I return! ;) I know it. Of course, I have been known to give gifts and cards that make people cry so I really had it coming. But it caught me so off guard that I could just not hold back the tears and could no longer speak..... now THAT is a feat. My crying made Molly cry too which was so sweet. Then we went onto drinking ;)

Anyway, I will read through my special box when I feel homesick....and it will make me feel MORE homesick but it will also remind me of how loved I am and how god d#(m lucky I am.

To all who came Molly, Bree, Jessica, Kristi, Ben, Michelle, Hutch, Jen, kim, Dana, Sara, Tracy, Susan, Mary-o, Michelle RN, Christine RN, Ramon, Tamara, Gary, Dallas, Kirk, Allison, Matt C., -- and all that could not be there. I will miss you while away and you have given me so many reasons to come back ;)

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Hutch said...

Had a great time last night Andy - thanks for bringing the tribe together for such a fun and sincere send off party. I'll be watching your trip via tis blog!