Monday, July 14, 2008

Thoughts from Andy on Day 2

Well it left like Arkansas and Oklahoma were never going to end.  They are pretty much the same kind of landscape.  Then we got to my beloved Texas and things changed dramatically.  I have never actually been through the panhandle.  OMG the landscape is amazing.  I am sure Arizona with trump Texas but still the plains that went on forever and ever with rips in the earth that caused dramatic cliffs right were cows graze.
Simply stated: It was beautiful.  
If you have the chance to take I40 through the TX panhandle, do it!

Parts of the official Route 66 Started to appear today to our left.  It is a tiny road... how could it ever be called the "Mother Road".  I hope to see more of it.

They have funny signs off I40 that tell you what famous person came from some little exit with a Love's truck stop.   Apparently we have been through Carrie Underwood and Garth Brooks native lands.

The OK memorial from the bombing was very touching.  I wish I could have spent more time there but dogs were not allowed.  I will post some photos below.  There is an area where kids and draw their thoughts on the sidewalk with chalk.  It was moving.  

What a senseless act. Children died there! We are better than that! 
Much better.

Oh yes and since we entered Indian country -- we listened to songs that had the word Indian in them. Like this song from the Dandy Warhols and Red Men and their Wives by Guided By Voices.

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