Sunday, July 20, 2008

San Francisco Day

Today, We went to San Francisco! If anybody knows me, they know I'm very fond of the number 19(as is Andy, we were both born on the 19th). Whatta you know, the very first cable car I see is:

Anyone who knows me, also knows I'm a car nut, And a movie fan. These next few pictures show hallowed ground: Filbert street, where part of the greatest car chase ever was filmed: Bullitt!

Check this out! Take a close look at the rear view mirror:

That's right, a 68 green Mustang! Awesome!

Here's a picture of a corner market frequented by my friend John back in the day. It's also in Bullitt (Steve McQueen buys a number of frozen dinners there).

This is McQueen's apartment in the movie. It's across the street from the market.

Here's a few random shots:


kittenfontaine said...

I'm so jealous I can hardly stand it. My favorite movie of all time is "What's Up, Doc?" which was also shot on location in - you guessed it - San Francisco! I have also dreamed of visiting SF just to get my photo taken at all the cool places featured in that great film. You totally beat me to it, Scott, you devil you. Grrrr

John said...

SCOTT: Don't forget to curb your wheels, yield to pedestrians, marvel at the cable car barn, have lunch @ Tappe's (Sutter & Larkin), walk the Tenderloin @ night, take the ferry to Sausalito, buy a stranger a beer, check out Gump's windows on Union Square (Bubba won't be there!), have an Irish Coffee at the BV, & no telling who you might see at City Lights bookstore, rent a bicycle in Golden Gate Park, and look for jobs for both of us! If you run out of money, just go to Powell & Market and ask tourists for spare won't be alone!
BTW...don't call it Frisco or San's "The City"!

John said...

Almost forgot, going to Chastain Thurs. nite for the Tony Bennett concert.
You don't suppose...