Monday, July 21, 2008

My Ole San Francisco

So San Fran is a pretty awesome place. And Driving through the city with a manual transmission is not for the faint of heart... or for folks who easily get car sick.

My favorite thing is that we happened upon my old san fran digs. Well, its not like I lived here but I stayed with a friend Bryan back in 1993 when I was auditioning for the San Francisco Art Institute. One of the things I remembered so fondly was standing on the roof of the school with a beautiful view of Alcatraz and the city and playing a piano that someone had placed outside. It was like I was playing to the whole city. So, we went back to revisit my childhood ;) I was a high school senior then. The piano was gone (it has been FIFTEEN years after all) but the view was still amazing.

I decided not to go to the SFAI for two reasons: 1) everyone was doing lots of drugs there and 2) people in san fran look worn and old. I knew that both of these things would not be a good influence at 18 years at an art school. So I did not go in the end but my time there (where I was able to take some classes as an unofficial student) were still very influential.

Then I say again that was 15 years ago!!! holy crap I am getting old! Above is a photo of me on the roof of the school.

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