Friday, July 18, 2008

Follow up on Flagstaff

I don't think I ever wrote about our time in Flagstaff, AZ and it was one of my favorite places so I wanted to go back and recap.

In the middle of AZ about an hour below the grand canyon is this patch of cool green forest, nice winds and a beautiful mid-sized college town called Flagstaff. It has that college town atmosphere: organic foods, cool local coffee shops, etc. It also has a train that goes straight through the town. It was very picturesque.

My friend Jenny (who happens to be friends of a lot of you too) just moved here about a month ago. We met up for breakfast near the college and chatted about what it was like to leave Atlanta and what she thought about Flagstaff. It was nice to see a familiar face as we passed through our 8th state.

The city had a wonderful atmosphere, people were nice and relax and the climate was a wonderful cool and breeze oasis in the middle of such an arid state.

This is easily a place I could see moving to when I am 'old' and tired of the big city. It reminded me a lot of what I imagine colorado to be like (though I have never been there).

Sadly, I do not even think I got any photos of flagstaff so I will post someone elses photo.

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