Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and NV

So we went to the grand canyon today but those photos are on Scott's camera and he is out gambling in Vegas! I am taking some much needed time to rest a little in the hotel room with the pups. I might venture out to the strip shortly. Seems weird to come to vegas and NOT go to the strip but I am sooooo tired I just want to get in the fancy whilrpool tub we have and go to bed. We will see what happens.

Anyway, Grand Cannon photos later. It was cool, dog friendly (except the heat). I have a photo of me standing with the dogs at the south rim to post later. It was nice but the dogs could not take too much of the heat even though it was only 84 degrees. I think it was the altitude. It was of course amazing. Words can not describe. The only thing I can say is it looked so surreal that it seemed like it was a canvas or a screen and I felt like if I reached out and touched it I could feel the medium it was painted on.

We then drove through the desert going up to the hoover dam. Man, THAT was unreal. It was like we were driving through mars. It said beware of animal crossing but I can not imagine that landscape sustaining ANY like other than a few tiny bushes, if that. Photos to come from Scott's camera.

Then we arrived at the Hoover Dam after been checked by the Hoover homeland security folks who Oscar wanted to eat I think. Things like the grand canyon and the hoover dam are so vast in size that it is really hard to grasp, even if you are there. To this there is this large lake among the most desolate mountains of dust... what a concept.

Sorry for the lack of photos. I promise more later.

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Kristi said...

Hey, did you/are you going to that spot where four states meet?