Saturday, July 19, 2008

Andy's Take on the PCH

So the Pacific Coast Highway was AMAZING. Yes, some of the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. It was super unreal. Lots of fun to drive. The people who drive this highway either live there (which there are a few) or they want to drive this particular winding road with plummiting cliffs and crashing waves. there is really no way to describe it.... maybe a poet could do it justice. If you like to drive and you like a nature just the slightest -- you should put this on the bucket list ;)

As Scott mentioned -- we saw the coolest colony of Elephant Seals. Now if you have not seen an elephant seals they are massive. They actually look and sound like baby bostons where their arms are pretty much useless and they have to move aroun by throwing them selves in one direction on their belly. You can hear one making a sound about half way through this. It is a really loud sound where you are there. These look a little like regular seals but are about 3x larger and more scary sounding.

Can you imagine if your job each day was sunbathing on the pacific coast? Nice.

Here is a video.

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