Sunday, July 6, 2008

Count Down is On

So it is now 1 week until I leave for the Pacific Ocean! My oh my.

Our route is pretty much formulated, our hotels booked, the dogs have lots and lots of treats and toys and drugs just in case. This week Scott (being the very useful and skilled friend that he is) applied some crossbars from a Chevy Blazer that he got from a junkyard to the top of my Vibe and saved me about $200. My car now sings (actually kind of howls but it is neat and will be very useful in carrying my crap across the country.

My car will look something like the above photo --- i dare to wonder how much my gas mileage will suffer! Maybe I should keep a tally of the cost of driving across the country and the gas prices. That should make everyone in Atlanta feel better (where gas is $4.10 rather than $5.50 like in the west.

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