Sunday, July 13, 2008

4 States Down So Far

Written 644PM EST

Well, we are half way in-between Tupelo Mississippi (where apparently Elvis was born accd to Scott) and Memphis where we plan to stop at the National Civil Rights Museum where MLK was shot.

We did not get out of Atlanta til around 1pm. And I have realized that even though I am pretty portable, I still require way way too much stuff!!! I swear I went to Goodwill 5 times this month to give stuff away – how could I possibly have MORE?

I am still BEAMING with a big grin on my face from the heartfelt send off I had last night. Again, I am so lucky. I am serious when I say come visit. Book your tickets and I will take you to wine country, the redwoods, where you want!

The pups are behaving sans being drugs with medication – so I am impressed. They have made beds out of gig bags, pillows and our suitcases. It must be nice to move around in the car and sprawl out wherever you wish.
Scott s entertaining us with his road trip and traveling playlist. A “Name that Song” quiz soon to come: We give you lyrics, you guess the name of the song. More info coming.

Oh! We just crossed the Tennessee state line! 4 states in one day so far. I used to live here. I want to get out and go to a convince store just to here people here talk. I remember when I was a kid I used to think they were speaking a different language because I could not understand their thick accents.

Full up #1:
Gas Price: $3.99 a gal
Cost: $42


Ben said...
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Kristi said...

I got gas for $3.99 today, too!