Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Andy is a Snob

I got a macbook pro this weekend and I am completely addicted. I already had the apple sticker on my car before I got the computer so I think I have turned into a convert. My big ole PC is gathering dust and looks older just in the last couple of days since the mac entered the house. PC's have their place of course. I am just in love with this new mac like when you get a new car. And MOST IMPORTANT -- now I can easily update the blog during our trip!

Scott is worried I am going to become a Mac Snob.

The jury is out. I have not destroyed by pc. it is still plugged in -- just turned off ;)

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Hiwatt Scott said...

"PC's have their place of course."

See, it's started already.
Of course they have their place: In nearly every business and home in the modern world!