Thursday, July 17, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas

Oh Las Vegas was fun. After the dogs fell asleep I wandered out to find Scott. It was just crazy, overwhleming sounds and lights and sights.

I played ROULETTE for the first time and THAT is my game. Not that i won anything.... well actually I did but then I lost it. I played til I almost fell asleep. The best $20 of entertainment. I will do it again.

Here is a photo I love of me with the dogs at the Grand Canyon.


xixthfret said...

I'm glad to see that Oscar and Oliver got to see the Grand Canyon. I'm also glad that both did not fall off the cliff.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful scene! memorize the beauty. That Noise A. Sauras sure is a good looking dino, and your right, he does look like his Aunt Edna! mom