Thursday, July 24, 2008

Misc. ramblings

Nothing special happening today, just "hanging out in California" ( cue the Cruzados song. How's that for an obscure reference?). I have, however, discovered my favorite west coast fast food restaurant so far: In-N-Out Burger! Here's a pic of their menu. Their whole menu:

That's right 4 food choices! I love it!

Another totally random observation: I saw a "Andre The Giant Has A Posse" sticker in Haight Ashbury the other day. You can't have a bohemian city area without one!

I love California lawns. most houses here in Sunnyvale have a patch of grass (or some sort of greenery) of about 3 square yards for a lawn. They look like they'd take 5 minutes to cut. It's almost my dream of an astro turf lawn.

That's all or now. Peace out...

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Hiwatt Scott said...

John Carter has informed me there's more to In-N-Out than what's on the menu. Here's the Secret Menu: