Friday, July 18, 2008


So I'm looking through the pics of the drive up the Pacific Coast Highway, and I can't find any that come close to showing the beauty of the place. Driving the day before, on route 58 in the interior of California, I felt like I was in a car commercial, driving through fields of gold (cue the Sting song). But even that was inferior to the PCH. Quite simply, I may never see landscape this beautiful again in my lifetime. I'm not sure more beautiful scenery exists on this planet. Every turn (and there were a lot of them) brought out a new gasp. Here's some shots, almost all from our car while driving:

We saw some other stuff on the way, but Andy will be better at describing it than I will. Here's a teaser:

One last thing for now: Way back at the beginning of all this, I stated I wanted to stand in the desert, on a road that extends into the distance, and have a tumbleweed roll by. Well, no tumbleweed was seen, but I took this shot outside of Barstow, Ca.:

It'll do..


Kristi said...

Pretty cool. My personal favorite is the seals. I could probably dig something like a tumbleweed out from under my couch.

Ann said...

Hey Hiwatt Scott!

We miss you here at work. Hope your having a great time out there. California is a beautiful state (my home state!)