Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on Noise A. Saurus

So, I got a photo of Noise A. Saurus’ hiding place on our trip. This must be his stowaway place. Tricky creature!

Andy heard today that Nicole, who lives with Noise A. Saurus in Atlanta was excited about his journey and wanted to come visit him when he gets to California.

Well, we decided to let Noise A. Saurus partake in all the travel activities and he was quite the adventurer. First he visited Cadillac Ranch with us. He was a good little dinosaur and did not eat the nicely painted cars.

Here is a little video of Noise A. Saurus walking towards Cadillac Ranc. You can hear how excited he is in his dinosaur voice.

When we arrived in Holbrook AZ he met up with some of his distant cousins and posed for funny portraits.

Doesn't he look like his Aunt Edna?

Playing Caveman

He also found out what Petrified Wood was playing on this piece of ancient tree.

Noise A. Saurus saying goodbye to his cousins in Arizona.

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Anonymous said...

Nicole's message to Noise-a-saurus: she wants to come out and meet your cousins! Come back to Atlanta and play games with me!

I love that y'all were in HOLBROOK, AZ!